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When I first saw Taylor was selling this product I was super excited as I just had knee surgery and along with pain I also have scars. Manuka honey is known to help heal wounds and act as a natural anti-inflammatory. Together with the CBD it is exactly what I needed and I found it at exactly the right time! I love the light fresh smell and creamy texture so much that I use it all over not just on my knee, and I’ve already ordered another bottle. You can’t go wrong with this product, I just ordered the eye cream as well and can’t wait to give it a try!!

Laura Sultenfuss

Using Taylor’s CBD products specifically helped lingering pain from injuries that I sustained in a car accident more than I ever thought possible! Also, using Ann-Scott Co. CBD to combat performance anxiety as a professional classical musician has been a wonderful aid to counteract day-to-day stress. I highly recommend these products to anyone and admire how informed this company is on their approach to wellness!

Kelsey Bentley

I recently got one of the Ann-Scott CBD vaporizers to help manage stress. I love it for many reasons; It is sleek, crisp, and very discrete. I also loved the taste of the vapor, it is subtle and not too overpowering like some vapor pens are. It is also VERY easy on the lungs and easy to use-- no charger neccessary. I highly reccommend this product for anyone looking to help alleviate stress and/or anxiety. This product has 100% helped me. Thanks for reading :)

Claire Williams